The great-grandniece of Cesar Chavez, Genesis is an 11-year- old animal rights activist and ethical vegan. At age six, she chose to become vegan and started actively participating in demonstrations and protests against animal abuse.


Genesis is the youngest person in history to give a TEDx talk. Her talk, “A 10-Year Old’s Vision for Healing the Planet” (April 2017), was about the environmental impact animal agriculture has on the planet and how going vegan can reverse the damage.



Vegan: Everyday Stories, The Invisible Vegan, Cesar: Respect for All, and Corky


  • Moby’s Circle V “Inspiring Change” panel; POC Animal Rights, Advocacy and Food Justice conference at UCLA; Portland VegFest; OC Vegfest; LA Vegfest

  • Speaking at several non-vegan events, Genesis shared
    her vegan message and encouraged others to go vegan. Events included: the Black Chamber of Commerce Expo, Critter Camp for low income children in the Inland Empire, California African American Museum, Lupus Foundation, and Feeding the 5000.


  • Cleveland Vegfest, San Francisco World Vegan Fest, Asheville Vegfest, and Calgary Vegfest. She will also reach out to speak to the non-vegan community while speaking out of state.


  • Since age six, has hosted several demos, including a youth demo against Ringling Bros. She also played a leading role in a four-day demo against a local circus (Ramos Bros) that resulted in that circus permanently leaving Long Beach, California. Her efforts turned away at least 40 families at each showing and there were eight shows.

  • Partnered with Farm Sanctuary to get Meatless Mondays passed.

  • Has addressed the Long Beach City Council for animal issues, including trapping coyotes and no-kill shelters.

  • Partnered with Hippo Works and UNICEF to encourage

    individuals to take the Paris Agreement Pledge, which includes going plant-based to help the planet. The campaign raises awareness of the impact of animal agriculture has on the planet as well as other personal choices such as recycling and composting. – https://www.

  • Speaker at numerous marches and demos, including: World March for Lab Animals, National Animal Rights March, NARD

  • Does vegan outreach at school, speaks on veganism, and encourages her school to not take eld trips to places that incorporate the use of animals.

  • Volunteer teacher at Art For Animals’ Sake Skid Row free art therapy program trying to get off of Skid Row. Teaches art concepts while incorporating animals and speaks on veganism.

AWARDS & RECOGNITION (partial list):

• First recipient of the Carlee and Laurie McGrath Young “Hero to Animals Award” from PETA.

• 2017 Award recipient of the “Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion” and $10,000 from Supreme Master Ching Hai.Genesis used the funds to establish Genesis for Animals and donated $2,000 to sanctuaries for rescued farmed animals.

• Animal Hero Kids’ Sir Paul McCartney Young Veg Advocate • Selected by Peta2 for “Black Vegan Activists Changing History Now” –

• Vegan Kid of the Year from Vegans Are Cool

INTERVIEWS & NEWS (partial list):

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• Animal Voices – celebrating-black-history-month-2018/

• Vegan Society – blog/meet-genesis-8-year-old-vegan-activist-changing- world

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• Bite Size Vegan – for-everyone/3-year-old-refuses-to-eat-animals-changes-her- family-forever/

• Young animal activist shares story with peers at HSSBV Critter Camp–Inland Empire Community News – http://iecn. com/young-animal-activist-shares-story-peers-hssbv-critter- camp/

• Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Lunch Break LIVE – https://www.


  • Established her nonprofit foundation, Genesis for Animals (, which will be operational by June 2018. Her mission is to raise funds for animal sanctuaries around the world. Her goal is to raise $100,000 her first full year in operation.